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23rd - 25th SEPTEMBER 2022



Hand picked speakers for a scientific programme.

‘Biology, Pain 

& Behaviour in 

Equine Dentistry’


Dowen Birkhed

Born in 1946. Professor emeritus, Malmö, Sweden. DDS (1970) and PhD (1974). Assistant Professor in Oral Microbiology and Cariology at the Dental School in Malmö 1970-1988 and Professor and Head for Department of Cariology at University of Gothenburg 1989-2013. Published 320 articles in international journals and written 15 review
articles/book chapters/text books. Has been tutor/mentor for 50 PhD students and faculty opponent for 4 PhD candidates in Norway and
Sweden. Has recently (2020) published a study on saliva composition
in horses in AVS in collaboration with Dr Torbjörn Lundström
“Equine saliva components during mastication, and in vivo pH
changes in the oral biofilm of sound and carious tooth surfaces after
sucrose exposure”

SATURDAY 24th September 2022 

Features of Equine/Human Saliva


Orla Doherty

Orla Doherty qualified as a veterinary surgeon at University College Dublin in 1992 following which she completed a Masters degree at Edinburgh University in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare. Since 1994 Orla has been working in the area of animal behaviour and resolution of problem behaviours, and also lectures in the UCD veterinary faculty, delivers equitation science workshops to equestrian groups, continues research into noseband usage and
works as an expert witness in legal cases concerning animal behaviour. Orla completed a Diploma in Equitation Science in 2016 and finished her PhD regarding training methods and tack use, through the University of Limerick, in 2017. Orla is currently the Honorary President of the International Society for Equitation Science (until October 2021).

SATURDAY 24th September 2022

Nosebands, Pain & Behaviour
SUNDAY 25th September 2022 
Nosebands, Regulations & Welfare


Torbjörn Lundström

Dr Torbjörn Lundström graduated 1979 from the University of Gothenburg. He published his first scientific study on water fluoridation in 1983. All through his working life he has been fulltime
clinician, despite this, he has published scientific articles on a regular base. The bulk of his research has been on equine caries although his speciality is endodontic treatment in equine teeth. The two latest articles were published in EVE 2020 on equine peripheral caries and 2020 in Acta Veterinaria Scandinavia on equine saliva. Both articles were submitted together with Professor Emeritus Dowen
Birkhed. Dr Lundström have had his focus on equine dentistry but have along with this performed a lot of zoo-animal dentistry as well as small-animal dentistry. Dr Lundström is currently the chairman of NCED.

SUNDAY 25th September 2022
A look outside the box: dolphin teeth and equine teeth - opposedevolutionary strategies and uniform micromorphometrical characteristics

Torbjorn Lundstrom

Wouter Demey

Wouter Demey is a Belgian vet who graduated in 2008 with high honors in Veterinary Science at the university of Ghent, Belgium.

He then followed an internship at the equine clinic De Morette in
Belgiumand after that, Wouter Demey worked for 6 years at the veterinary practice De Meierij, in The Nederlands, where he was mainly focusing on orthopedics and dentistry in horses.Since 2012,
Wouter Demey is also the founder and owner of Equide veterinary practice, a practice that is fully dedicated to all aspects of modern equine dentistry. Besides treating patients on-site and in its own
clinic facility, Equide also provides services for several equine clinics in the benelux. Wouter is also a Board Member of the Nordic College of Equine Dentistry (NCED).

SUNDAY 25th September 2022 

Acute Incisor Fractures; Handling in the Ambulant Praxis

wouter demey

Stijn Teysen

Stijn graduated in 2004 from the University of Ghent (Belgium). He worked subsequently in several equine veterinary practices and a private clinic in Belgium and France. His main interest has always been equine dentistry and internal medicine.

In 2011, he started his own veterinary practice focussing solely on equine dentistry. Exactly 10 years later, he founded Vetrident, a new equine dental referral clinic based in the heart of the country. This is a modern, fully equipped dental clinic where animal welfare is top priority. Equine dentistry is more than rasping sharp enamel points. Vetrident focusses on tooth saving procedures and minimal invasive treating options.


Stijn is a board member of the Nordic College of Equine Dentistry (NCED) since 2019.

SUNDAY 25th September 2022 

Intra Ligamental Injection Practicals

stijn teysen

Leena Karma

Leena Karma works as an equine veterinarian in south Finland where she runs her own equine dental clinic (Porvoon Hevosklinikka) since 2010. She graduated as a DVM from Tartu Agricultural University, Estonia 1999 and from University of Helsinki 2003. She became EVDC (Equine) resident in June 2020.

Before she established her clinic in Porvoo near to Helsinki, she worked in different private equine clinics as both first and second opinion veterinarian. In her clinic she provides referral services in advanced equine dentistry including dental and sinus surgerys. She gives lectures and practical lessons in equine dentistry to the students at the University of Helsinki and provides equine dental CPD courses in her clinic.

She is still eager to learn more and curious about new techniques in equine dentistry and attends to courses and congresses all over the world in the field of equine dentistry. If she has free time from that,
she likes to play golf and go for a walk with her dogs.

SUNDAY 25th September 2022 

When the Bell Rings! Refer this Case

leena karma

Carsten Staszyk

SUNDAY 25th Spetember 2022 

Cellular Function in the Pulp - In Health & After Injury
SUNDAY 25th September 2022
A look outside the box: dolphin teeth and equine teeth - opposedevolutionary strategies and uniform micromorphometrical characteristics

Dewi Borkent

After graduating from Ghent University as a veterinarian in 2011 Dewi worked in a number of equine ambulatory practices in the Netherlands and started a small business in equine dentistry. In 2014 she started a PhD programmed titled “An Epidemiological, Pathological and Microbiological Study of Equine Dental Caries” at the University of Edinburgh supervised by Prof. P.M. Dixon, which was completed in 2018. Between 2017 and 2020 she worked in equine referral hospitals in Germany and the Netherlands mainly focused on equine dentistry prior to starting a residency in equine dentistry at the University of Edinburgh in 2020. 

SATURDAY 24th September 2022 

‘Oral Microbiology’

picture Dewi Borkent.jpg

Anders Eriksson

Active in the horse industry since 1969.  Employment at Royal Mews, Stockholm 1985 - 1991.

Professional as a farrier during the years 1988 - 2008 and active in driving sport with participation in two World Pair Driving Championships.

Over the years, Anders has produced a variety of educational materials in horse knowledge,


Elected to a position of trust within Swedish Equestrian Federation during the period 2001 – 2013 and in management groups at the Biological University of Applied Sciences in Skara 2014-2019.

Member of the ISES, International Society for Equitation Science, as a Practitioner. Participates in the bit group in NCED.


He´s work mainly consists of teaching work in reins.  The purpose and goals can vary from learning, training, problem solving of various kinds, rehabilitation.

The work is based on classic basic principles for riding and driving and modern science.

SUNDAY 25th September 2022 

Educate the young horse, bits and bitting

Nicole du Toit

Nicole acquired her veterinary qualification from Onderstepoort (South Africa) in 2000 and subsequently worked in private practice in the United Kingdom for 2 years. In 2002 Nicole did an equine residency at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a PhD in equine dentistry with Professor Paddy Dixon as her supervisor. Since 2011 Nicole has been spending 100% of her professional time doing equine veterinary dentistry and in 2013 was awarded diplomas from the European and American Veterinary Dental Colleges (Equine). Nicole has authored and co-authored many scientific publications and book chapters in the field of equine dentistry. In 2017 Nicole joined the Equine Dental Clinic, UK where she performs referral work all over the UK and occasionally further abroad. Since 2019 Nicole has been a co-director with Chris Pearce at the Equine Dental Clinic where they continue to provide a busy equine dental referral service worldwide. 

SATURDAY 24th September 2022 

Imaging Diagnostics
SUNDAY 25th September 2022 
Radiography in Ambulant Praxis


Chris Pearce

Chris has considerable experience at all levels of equine dentistry. Chris graduated from Liverpool in 1990, and after two years in rural equine practice in Worcestershire, he moved to Wimborne in Dorset and started an equine practice covering the New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset. Over 17 years as a partner, building the practice to 8 vets, Chris undertook further training in equine surgery and internal medicine, gaining RCVS Certificates in both subjects. During this time Chris developed a strong interest and gained further training in equine dentistry, driven to provide a complete and quality service to the practice clients.


In 1991, Chris was the first veterinary surgeon to pass the BEVA/BVDA equine dental technicians exam for entry into the BAEDT and has subsequently been Chair of the Examining Committee three times. In 2011 Chris won the Pet Plan Vet of the Year award, the judges deciding that Chris’s dedication to equine dentistry was making a significant contribution to equine welfare. In 2013 Chris left his equine practice, and started The Equine Dental Clinic Ltd, providing routine, advanced and referral services in equine dentistry. In 2014 Chris passed the first full examination for the new European Diploma of Equine Dentistry making him a European Veterinary Specialist as well as being recognized by the RCVS as a specialist. 


Chris lectures, teaches and examines regularly at courses and conferences around the world. Chris has a particular interest and wide experience in novel minimally invasive, restorative and preservative therapies. 


Chris is the current President Elect of the European Veterinary Dental Collage, a Board member since 2013, sitting on both Examination and Nomination Committees.

SATURDAY 24th September 2022 

Traumatic Injuries on Cheek Teeth, ”FIirst AID”
SUNDAY 25th September 2022 
What we need to Perform an Infundibular Restoration 

Henry Tremaine

I graduated from the RVC and after 4 years in mixed practice undertook a surgical residency at The University of Edinburgh where my interest in dentistry became necessary as nobody else would touch the subject. During this period, which marked the start of an era of productive era of research led by Prof. Dixon, we reviewed the complications inherent in the techniques of the time and revisited traditional methods. Despite ancient instrumentation, by using better analgesia we found a greatly reduced complication incidence with oral extraction. Since then improvements in analgesia, instrumentation, and diagnostic imaging have contributed to its evolution into standard practice. Subsequently during collaboration with international colleagues this as led to great advancements in our understanding of dental pathology and in combination with newer diagnostic imaging techniques we are much better placed to manage equine dental disease. My journey led me through faculty positions at Universities of Edinburgh Ohio State and Bristol, supervising research students and residents, and teaching students and veterinarians internationally. I was drawn into private practice in 2017, where i continue to provide specialist referral services in dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery. I contribute to a number of association boards, publish occasionally and appear at international conferences. I believe that progress in equine dentistry must be led by science and not just technical advances. I am lucky to specialise in both dentistry and surgery, which reminds me that the dentition is just one of many components of a whole organism and i also believe that specialisation can only thrive in an environment of scientific collaboration rather than commercial competition.

SATURDAY 24th September 2022 

How CT can Add Value to a Dental Diagnostic Work Up
SUNDAY 25th September 2022 
Management of Jaw Fractures that Involve the Teeth


Manfred Stoll

​Since 2001 his private Equine clinic is focussed on equine dentistry. 2005-2007 he developed a new extraction technique: Transbuccal Screw extraction acc. to Stoll. This technique was first presented at the Dec. 2007 AAEP Convention Orlando. (“How to perform a buccal approach for different dental procedures” including the Transbuccal Screw Extraction acc. to Stoll).

In 2010 he was Coauthor in the Textbook, Equine dentistry: “Vogt, Lehrbuch der Zahnheilkunde beim Pferd“.


He is involved in different continuing education programmes and is Diplomate EVDC (equine) since 2016. Since 2018 he is a fellow member of the NCED - Nordic College of Equine Dentistry.


The friendship and cooperation with Torbjörn Lundström influenced his work and life a lot. His main focus are endodontic and restorative dental treatments and minimally invasive dental surgery.

SATURDAY 24th September 2022 

Treatment options for maxillary fistulae
SUNDAY 25th September 2022 
Reflections before extraction of cheek teeth







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Anja Pedersen

Licensed veterinarian since 2011 and passed the Swedish odontology exam in 2015. Now working at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences as a teacher and are also currently undertaking a



As a teacher, I work mainly with veterinary nurses and train them in odontology. I have a special interest in training veterinary nurses in the hygiene aspect of veterinary odontology. The specific knowledge around hygiene in the veterinary odontology is lacking and one of my aims is to increase that through education and research.

Before starting at SLU I have worked as a clinical veterinarian both in an equine hospital, equine clinic and as a field veterinarian in a mixed large animal practice. This experience of working with equine odontology in a lot of varied environments and circumstances is something that I use in my teaching. The emphasis in my presentation will be to have a practical approach to how to keep an acceptable hygiene standard in equine odontology and minimize the risk of hospital-acquired infections. The main objective is to give practical tips and to explain the critical lines that are not be crossed for the sake of the patient safety and the safety of the personnel.

SATURDAY 24th September 2022 

Hygiene in Dentistry
SUNDAY 25th September 2022 
Hygiene routines

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