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What is a Fellow Member & How to become one?

During the years, we have announced a number of Fellow members of the NCED.

By election a Fellow member get recognition of conspicuous service in the art of equine dentistry.

Fellow members work closely together with the Board to run and develop the NCED. They are recognized as mentors for colleagues in equine denstistry. They also engage in NCED subdivisions, for example the Nomenclature group, the Bit group, the Ethics group and the Education group.

New Board members will be elected from the group of Fellow members.

All the work in NCED is voluntary, the reward is, besides the shiny title fNCED on your card, the possibility to improve, develop and define the art of equine dentistry and thereby contribute to a better equine health.

Either one can apply to become a Fellow member (see the picture description of procedure), or

the NCED Board invites an individual directly to become a Fellow.

If you want to engage in NCED as a Fellow Member, and fulfill the requirements below, you are most welcome to send us your application. New Fellows will be announced at the next NCED Congress. 
All application documents must be in English.

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