Workshop:'X-Rays in Equine Dentistry' - 9 April 2020 in Belgium

This is a course organized under the wings of the Nordic College of Equine Dentistry. The course aims for a better understanding on how to make diagnostic head X-rays and how to interprete them. What are indications for X-ray examination as well as pitfalls and limitations of this imaging technique. We will go through the essential anatomical knowledge.


Dr. Torbjörn Lundström (Chairman NCED) - Djurtandvardskliniken, Söderköping, Sweden

DVM Stijn Teysen (FNCED) - Dierenartsenpraktijk Vetrident, Asbeek, Belgium

DVM Wouter Demey (FNCED) - Dierenartsenpraktijk Equide, Schaffen,