fre 18 jan. | Söderköpings Brunn

“Biological Basics in Equine Dentistry” 2019 Congress and Annual Meeting

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“Biological Basics in Equine Dentistry” 2019 Congress and Annual Meeting


18 jan. 2019 09:00 – 19 jan. 2019 16:00
Söderköpings Brunn, Skönbergagatan 35, 614 30 Söderköping, Sweden


Dear NCED Members!

We proudly present and invite you to our 2019 congress and annual meeting!

Save the date January 18th and 19th 2019!

“Biological Basics in Equine Dentistry”

The focus and main topic of this gathering will be ‘Biological Basics of Equine Dentistry’, meeting and listening to equine dentistry colleges from all around the world.

Following you´ll find our topics for the 2019 congress. We wish to focus on maybe the most important in equine dentistry: in-depth knowledge of the basics. You probably know the saying "You can never learn enough, and the more you learn the more you know you don't know". Let´s leave it at that and get ready for NCED´s first Annual Equine Dentistry Congress 2019.

We welcome you!

- NCED Board


  • Rob Pascoe UK - The Hypsodont tooth
  • Torbjörn Lundström SE - Intentional reimplantation; The Biological Perspective
  • Manfred Stoll DE - The Endodontium (dentin-pulp complex)
  • Leena Karma FI - Equine Oral Exam
  • Carla Omura BR - Methods for sed