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Will not be cancelled, but postponed!

Dear Delegates of the 2022 NCED Congress The support we received after having to take the difficult decision to cancel the NCED congress is heart-warming. We would like to use this opportunity to thank you all for your reactions, loyalty and patience. As announced we needed some time to make some arrangements to minimize the financial implications for you as a NCED-member and as a delegate of the congress 2022. The NCED-board is delighted to announce that the 2022 NCED congress will not be cancelled, but postponed to September 23rd - 25th 2022!

As a delegate you have the possibility to ask for a refund of the congress fee or you can receive a voucher. The voucher gives you access to the NCED congress 2022 in September. The program will only face minor changes. However, the original pre-congress will be extended to a full day without any price change for those who choose a voucher. This extended version allows us to offer more time for debate, interactive case presentations and in-depth lectures on equine welfare in relation to modern equitation. Since we face some major costs due to the cancellation and since the congress is extended by half a day, the normal attendance fee will be raised to 1100 € for those who did not register for the congress in January. Last but not least; we are happy to announce two dental courses that will be organized during spring under the wings of the NCED. Please find the practical information below. We hope to see you all in good health in September or at one of the NCED-courses.

Practical information NCED Congress

23rd - 25th September 2022

Where? Venue remains unchanged, Malmö Arena Hotel, Sweden

When? September 23-25th 2022: including 1 full day of Pre-Congress

Price? Normal registration price (3 days): 1100 € for members who did not register for the congress in January.

Members who did register for the congress but not the pre-congress in January can buy an additional ticket for the full day pre-congress in September for 100€.

Refund Please send a request for refund of congress fee to before the 15th of March. For those who have paid with a credit card we will refund the money by stripe to the same card.

For those of you who have not paid by credit card, please provide your bank account and international IBAN number followed by your name and address.

Please let us know before the 15th of March whether you choose a voucher or a refund. After this date a refund can no longer be claimed. E-mail to

NCED Courses - Spring 2022

What, where and when? Course 1: X-ray course at Vetrident (Asse) - Belgium on the 4th - 5th of May 2022 Course 2: 2-Days rehearsal course at Equide (Schaffen) - Belgium on the 15th - 16th of June 2022 Course fee 1295 € (excl.VAT)


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