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Hotel discount code

Hi there! Everything gets more and more expensive nowadays. But through NCED you can save money - at least if you are a fast decisioner.

Together with Malmö Arena Hotel, we created a discount link for room bookings for the congress.

A limited number of hotel rooms at Malmö Arena Hotel are available at a special price. Of course you can choose other acommodation alternatives but MAH is nice and extremely convenient since it is the venue of the congress as well.

You can book a room via the link below. Please note that the correct arrival and departure date and number of people must be entered at the top of the page immediately after clicking the link, in order to recieve the special price.

You can choose to become a member of Best Western Hotels or just book your room by clicking out of the ring at the top right of the booking page.

For reservations of 4 rooms or more, please email your request to

If no special price rooms are left when you "get your thumb out", or might give you other offers and alternatives. Unfortunately the special price we have arranged isn't combineable with the benefits of or - if you want the best rate you need to be a fast decisioner (faster than your dentistry colleagues at least) an book through the link below.


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