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Annual Report 2019

2019 started with the last preparations and carrying through our first congress in Söderköping, Sweden. The response was great and we were able to make it in-side the frames of the budget.​ ​100 delegates and 4 sponsors took part in the two-day long congress in Söderköpings Brunn.

Preparations for the next congress and dates started already the morning after the congress 2019. It was decided that 2020 should be held in Denmark, Copenhagen-Kastrup airport area. This decision was changed in June due to the high price-level and Malmö Sweden became the alternative.

During the first part of 2019 several minor courses have been arranged under the NCED-flag, amongst Dental Material course in Söderköping, Sweden and a mixt Equine Dentistry course at Lista, Norway. In Belgium along with the board meeting in November 2019 a course in radiology was arranged.

Despite the first board-meeting in Januari 2019 the board has had “physical” meetings in August at the Chairman ́s place in Sweden and in Belgium in November at board member Wouter Demey. These meetings have been complemented with video-meetings on a weekly basis. The bulk of work that has occupied the board has mainly been preparations for the congress.

There has also been a lot of work organizing the administrative necessities where assistants Sara Wessman and Annika Berven have done an invaluable effort.

The board lost one of its members in June 2019 when Mette Aarup decided to leave for personal reasons.

At the meeting in Belgium it was decided to appoint new fellows; Professor Paddy Dixon, Professor Carsten Staszyk, Associate Professor Ove Wattle, Dr Rob Pascoe, Dr Mads Pårup and Dr Anna Tell. The new fellows will be noticed during the 2020 congress.

Before the meeting in Belgium no reimbursements have been paid and the members of the board have accounted for their own costs during board meetings. The board has kept on visiting each other for in-depth discussions in Equine Dentistry.

In November 2019 we could count 150 members and every week new members are added to the NCED. Members are spread around Europe and even today from the USA.


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