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lör 09 sep.



Hot Potato Day

The hot day (and night) in Brussels you don't want to miss!

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Hot Potato Day


09 sep. 09:00 – 18:00

Brussel, Da Vincilaan 4, 1831 Brussel, Belgium


In the field of equine dentistry several controversial, sometimes even provoking and delicate topics exist. Different opinions can be found across the world. But even within one country or veterinary community opinions can differ astonishingly. We call these subjects ‘Hot Potatoes’.

On the 9th of September the NCED will organize a discussion day in the diplomatic center of Europe, Brussels (Belgium). It is our intention to create a room for an open discussion. All speakers are given the opportunity to present their opinion on a specific topic. The discussion will be done in a civilized way with respect for each other's opinions, although they might differ dramatically.

Equine welfare, which is of paramount importance for the NCED, goes hand in hand with training and education veterinary professionals. Therefore we have invited some of the most experienced equine dentists in Europe to present their different opinions and to have a debate where we all can learn from each other.


  • Equilibration, odontoplasty or dental maintenance; What is what, who does what and why?   Rasping enamel points; why it is (not) a good idea.
  • The use and abuse of medication and dental materials in Equine Dentistry.
  • Antibiotics; the use and abuse in Equine Dentistry.
  • Wolf teeth, to remove or not to remove? Does it make sense? Do’s and don'ts.
  • How much of what we do is evidence based? How to move forward?
  • Wrap-up and conclusions
  • Fab dinner together


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