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NCED Congress 2024 flyer
Congress description


Thank you all for making this congress fantastic!!

Speakers, delegates and sponsors and staff - each and everyone contributed to this amazing arrangement - the new equine dentistry festival! 


Just a week before the congress, when people started to worry about the upcoming bad snow storms all over Europe, we decided to record all lectures - though very amateuristic, just with mobile phones.

The recordings has been sent out to all speakers for permission to publish at NCED wepbage, almost all has said yes already, and their recordings are actually accessible right now! BUT THE RECORDINGS ARE ONLY ACCESSIBLE FOR THE  PAYING CONGRESS DELEGATES - attending, or home in illness or weather worries.

We vill announce here, and on facebook, when also the last recordings are available.

All paying congress delegates have the 24th of January got an email with login instructions and a special password.

It is of outermost importance that you delegates do not spread the special login credentials nor spread or otherwise misuse the material that the speakers allow us to publish. Follow this simple rule, and we might continue trying to add this little bonus for you in upcoming congresses, maybe even by professional recordings.

The recordings will be availiable for a short time, until 29th of February so use your time wisely... 


Also, don't forget to have a look at the fabulous photos taken by our equine dentist colleague and professional photographer Emma Tegler. 

Find them here.....

Pin code 2411


- There are three tabs like a menu under the first picture, leading to day 1, 2, 3, respectively


- If anyone wants to publish a picture in social media or a paper, a link or else, Emma Tegler shall be given as the photographer  - otherwise free to use. The pictures are in web format, if anyone wants a picture in another format, contact Emma at


- If anyone wants a picture of themselves removed, contact and Emma, and we will arrange with the removal ASAP.

- Good to know; Emma is also a fab horse and wedding photographer, if you need one, you now know where to ask.

....and there are hundreds of pictures in the portfolio!!

How many of them portraits YOU?
Go have a look...   (code 2411)
Programme 2024
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