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Dr. Karin Alexandersson

Karin Alexandersson lives in Kristinehamn, close to the north shore of beautiful Vänern, the biggest lake of Sweden.


She graduated as a veterinarian at 2001 in Uppsala, Sweden. Already in 1999 she found interest in equine dentistry and decided to, parallel to the clinic work as a veterinarian, educate further in equine dentistry at SLU, and graduated as an Equine Odontologist 2008. Since then, she has attended equine dentistry courses in England, Scotland, USA, Germany and Belgium. As a complement she is also an equine chiropractor.

Today she is the Operations Manager at the Equine Hospital of Värmland in Sweden, performing routine dentistry and advanced dental treatments 80% of her time, and regular clinic work the remaining 20%. She has been a horse owner since childhood, and still LOVES ponies.  

As being one of the cofounders of NCED at the magic beginning at Karlstad in 2017, she has a special place in the heart of NCED, still being an important pillar of the NCED board, as the treasurer.

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