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Save 16th - 18th January 2020

Dear Colleague & Member


16-18 January 2020


“Biology, Evidence and Ethics in Equine Dentistry”

It was a great pleasure to see so many of you at the recent congress of Nordic College of Equine Dentistry. Thanks for joining the January 2019 meeting and the NCED organisation!

Together we have created a strong starting point to grow a wide network of veterinarians engaged in Equine Dentistry – and we look forward to stimulate and fertilize this network with more meetings, courses and activities.

NCED Congress on 16-18 January 2020 – save the date!

Our 2020 NCED congress and annual meeting will be held in the Copenhagen area close to the airport.

The theme of this congress will be: “Biology, Evidence and Ethics in Equine Dentistry”.

We have already started contacting speakers and planning for the meeting. Should you have ideas and god connections that will fit into this theme – please give us a call or send us an email using this address:

We will post coming courses on the NCED website

Please look up this page

Right now we have ‘Introduction Laser course’ in March by dentists Torbjörn Lundström and Michael Nylander. In April we have a course: ‘Dental Materials in Equine Dentistry’ by Torbjörn Lundström and Henry Tremaine.

We are planning more events and meetings throughout the year. You can see them on the NCEDwebsite, and we will try to alert you with an e-mail as well.

The Members Area is restricted

What is a Fellow Member – and how to become one

We have announced a number of Fellow members of the NCED. It is possible to apply to become a Fellow member (see the description of procedure at in our Members Area), and the NCEDBoard can invite individuals directly to become a Fellow.

Fellow members are working closely together with the Board to run and develop the NCED, and new Board members will be elected from the group of Fellow members.

Use the Network

We really hope, that you have met new colleagues working within Equine Dentistry, and that you will spend time visiting each other and working together. We will keep arranging courses and activities to offer more learning. We wish to foster data collection amongst NCED members and support publication of results to strengthen the field of evidence based Equine Dentistry.

We are looking forward to staying in touch with you. All ideas and skills are welcome when developing the Nordic College of Equine Dentistry together!

Warm regards

NCED Board

Torbjörn Lundström

Karin Alexandersson

Øyvind Berven

Wouter Demey

Ellen F. Schmedling

Therese Lundberg


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