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NCED Congress 2024; check!

Three days of congress is finally over, sadly but truly - but I do believe that this was the by far best congress we have arranged. Great speakers, highly engaged delegates, generous sponsors and mindblowing discussions.

We in the board want to dearly thank you all 153 participants for your fabulous engagement and open minds. Without every one of you, this congress wouldn't have been such a success. Now we in the board wish you all a safe trip home - and a good night's sleep.

As soon as the films are reviewed by the spekers, and the huge amount of photos are handled by our photographer and eq dentist colleague Emma Tegler, we will share it to all delegates (including the ones who had do cancel due to illness or weather issues). We'll start with that work as quick as possible. But right now, after half a year of intense work toward this congress, now, finally time to least tonight...


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