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Dr. Torbjörn Lundström

Torbjörn Lundström is probably the most well-known animal dentist in Europe. He started out as a human dentist in 1979, but already after a couple of years a paradigm shift started in his life, thanks to a zoo gorilla, and the love of horses. With a veterinarian as a wife as well, and a big portion of curiousness, he chose to leave the odouric human mouths for the wonders of horses, cats, dogs and zoologic animal mouths instead, starting up his clinic, Djurtandvårdskliniken, in Söderköping, Sweden.

During all these years, the scientific work has been paramount for Torbjörn. He has evolved plenty of valuable and ground-breaking techniques to handle complex and difficult oral issues, and his research and discoveries have changed a lot of how equine dental practitioners look at and perform dentistry nowadays. As expected, his name adorns several scientific papers and articles.

Besides the dentistry work, the research and the lecturing at congresses and courses all over the world, he is one of the pillars of the odontology courses at the Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala, and he is also the founder and chairman of NCED.

By now he has been practicing, evolving, and spreading the knowledge of dentistry, oral biology and health, all over the world for more than 40 years, still going strong. He is the mentor of most Swedish equine odontologists and a highly appreciated friend and colleague of many, many people all over the world.

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