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Dr. Nina Lundgren

Nina Lundgren lives in Ängelholm in south-west of Sweden. The equine oral cavity interest started in 1991 resulting in a high school publication and a huge spark of curiosity.

After 7 years as a mixed species veterinarian and parallel studies in equine dentistry she graduated as an Equine Odontologist at SLU in 2008. Since then she runs her own business Svenska Hästtandvården AB, offering routine and advanced dentistry, both in clinic settings and ambulatory practice, working full time with equine dentistry, in between dentistry congresses and courses in Germany, Denmark and Great Britain.     

Nina became a fellow member of NCED 2020, elected to the NCED board 2023 with main function as communication manager, along with contribution to education and research.

Main interest in practice is advanced dentistry including displaced teeth, laser assisted periodontal treatment, orthodontics and endodontics. Nina is also creating courses and webinars in English and Swedish for horse owners, horse professionals and veterinary colleagues. Subjects are bits & bit fitting and knowledge about both the healthy and the the malfunctioning mouth of the horse; some of it available at the teaching platform of Svenska Hästtandvården AB.

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