The NCED Membership
NCED welcomes practitioners who perform an adequate oral examination and wants to work evidence-based with equine dentistry, keeping in mind the delicate knowledge about dental anatomy/embryology, physiology, and biomechanics of the head.
Applicants must be an educated veterinarian or human dentist with animal eligibility.
NCED provides a solid ground for colleagues, where we share good practice and build authority based on respect for gentle and well-documented dentistry.
Use the online forum to watch our webinars, sign up for equine dentistry courses, or look up scientific publications.

Our goal is to reach both veterinarians and horse owners through education; courses, presentations, and publications by providing a network and support to colleagues working within Equine Dentistry.
Members of the NCED are required to keep their knowledge at a scientifically high level and practice evidence-based Equine Dentistry.
The membership year runs from the 1 of January to the 31 of December. 
In the membership fee, you get a password to get access to the member's area and all the content there, and also a first in line for the courses organized by NCED 2021. 
To be sure to get a ticket to the congress 2022 it is absolutely best to be a paying member 2021, since there probably will be limited places at the congress. 



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2021 membership valid until 31 of December 2021



For existing members. Renewal of membership.

2020 membership valid until 31 of December 2021

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