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Our goals

The NCED will provide continued education and research for veterinarian practitioners and raise horse owners’ awareness of evidence and welfare based Equine Dentistry.


​NCED will promote science in the field by collecting data that will be used to produce scientific publications on equine dentistry. All odontological treatments must be based on specific diagnostic work and solid scientific understanding of the teeth and oral cavity.

Don’t treat unless you
do the patient good!

The primary aim of equine dentistry is to maintain good oral health and maximize the comfort and functionality of the horse's mouth while eating and when bitted.

NCED - Equine Dentistry is a selective treatment relying on an exact diagnosis in the chewing system. The purpose is caring for and maintaining all teeth and their functionality. Our work are based on an adequate oral examination with in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and evidence-based medicine.



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